Understanding Memoir and Fiction Writing

You are a writer. Wordeee's writer's workshop is specifically designed to help writers like you learn the techniques and skills necessary to become a published author. It will also help you gain the knowledge, experience, practice, and confidence you'll need to venture into authorship.

But being a writer isn't always easy. And the path from "writer" to "author" is often confusing, frustrating, and disappointing for most talented creatives like you.

The good news? That confusion, frustration, and disappointment don't have to derail your journey to becoming a known author. After taking our workshop you will be ready to start your journey with confidence.

What You'll Get From This Course

Writing, no matter the genre, is all about telling stories. It's about using your imagination to its fullest and, most often, a way to understand the world in which we live. In this interactive writer's class, your instructor will use the art of writing fiction and memoir (creative non-fiction) to teach writing pedagogy. Like any other profession, a great writer must know the rules and the tools necessary to transform their work to be universally relevant. Regardless of the genre, transporting a reader requires techniques and skills when it comes to depicting characters and their archetypes; when writing a meaningful plot that keeps the reader turning the page and how to enhancing your Writing using sights, sounds, color, and smells.

You will learn about pacing, tension, climax, and resolution to culminate your book into an unforgettable story. We will teach you how to build a world starting with a blank page that piques readers' imagination and allow you to share the insights you want with your audience. Writing, no matter the genre, is all about telling stories. It's about using your imagination to its fullest and, most often, a way to understand the world in which we live. You will learn how to write a story, and we hope for many more as a successful writer.

What to Expect From This Course

  • Understand Writing Rules

  • Improved Skills in the Craft

  • Narrowing Your Focus

    Tools to help you hone in on your story

  • Build Your Confidence

    With knowledge, confidence increases

  • Discipline and Consistency

    The art of writing daily

  • Exploratory Writing

    Gives you insights into who you might want to be tomorrow.

Who Is This Class For

You know it. You were born to be a writer. Yet, every time you stare at the black page, your confidence is shaken, and you find every excuse to delay starting your story. That little voice is called Doubt, and it seeps in when you feel there is a gap in your ability and innate talent. The truth is you are right. Writing isn't just about storytelling; it's about being deeply confident in the skills, the rules and the over pedagogy of Writing. This class is for those who have a story to tell and want to increase their knowledge and bolster their confidence to deliver on the promise they envision as writers.

So, if your innate gift is writing and you've committed to writing the book in you, Wordeee's writer's workshop is for you.

Meet Your Instructor

CEO and Founder

Marva Allen

The workshop will be led by noted book expert Marva Allen, author of three acclaimed books, Protegee, and Camouflage, the sequel, If I Should Die Tonight and contributor to Open A World of Possible. Her latest novel The Pianist and Min Jade will be published in 2022. Allen has been the “go-to” person for books for NPR, NBC and was the on-air weekly book contributor and commentator for Arise TV.

As a noted book subject matter expert, Allen has been the "go-to" person for books for NPR, NBC and was the on-air book contributor and commentator for Arise TV. She has been featured in the New York Times, NYSE Diversity Magazine (she rang the closing bell for Wall Street), Time Out, and various other magazines and periodicals.

As the founder of Wordeee Media and a partner in the imprint Open Lens, Allen is the publisher of the acclaimed Makeda from Randall Robinson, The Roving Tree from Haitian author Elsie Agustave, And Then I Danced from Mark Segal, The Wig, The Bitch & The Meltdown by former ANTM creative director Jay Manuel and the run-away bestseller A Blessing: by Google VP Bonita Stewart and former CBS anchor Jacqueline Adams A Blessing: She has expertise on all sides of the publishing industry.

Allen has been instrumental in guiding the success of many authors’ books. Creating one-of-a-kind events as the former co-owner of Hue-man Bookstore, she hosted major events for Toni Morrison, President Bill Clinton, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Maya Angelou, Steve Harvey, Alicia Keys, Jill Scott, Tyler Perry, Janet Jackson, Dwayne Wade and a host of other celebrity authors. She is a graduate of The University of Michigan.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Memoir and Fiction Writing

    • Genres

    • The Why and If Question

    • Major Writing Themes

    • Parts of Good Writing

    • Show vs. Tell

    • The Power of Authentic Dialogue

    • All-Powerful First Lines

    • Character Development/Characters and Archetypes

    • Special Techniques Foreshadowing and Backstory, etc.

    • Outline vs. no Outline

    • Surviving the Publishing Industry/ Options

    • Getting Published

What to Expect

You can expect to have fun. But you could also find this an emotional journey if you are writing a memoir vs. fiction. The word memory comes from the same root as the word mourn. Old English word Murnan. So, Memoirs dredge up the past, which in many cases can make us mourn; the loss of innocence, the loss of love, the loss of self. Memoir writing is a way to try and make sense of your life. It can help you understand the why of your life, good or bad. Know that our class holds your space to help you become the writer you envision.

Why this Workshop Matters

Writing is not just about story but about craft. With good technique, you can feel good about releasing your work into the world to find its tribe. The reader then will be the one who decides if they will become a part of your tribe, but, as the writer, you'll have confidence that the work you put out into the world is the best part of you.  

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What will I need for the class?

    You will need a pen and paper, and we recommend a box of tissue…get your Wordeee Journal here. You will also need access to Zoom.

  • What if I register and have a conflict on the day of class

    We will slot you into the next available class.

  • Can I share this link

    Yes, you may but know that because we want the best outcome for our students, we have limited class sizes on a first-come, first-serve basis. Should someone try to sign up and is unable to and want to take the class…we will give them priority for a future class.

What Our Students are Saying: testimonials

Life Saver

Kelly W

“This workshop can save your life! Our author/publisher/agent instructor Marva draws on a lifetime of professional experience to demystify and enrich the memoir writing process and discover your inner voice. Deeply appreciated.

Great Instructor

Anna Yusim, MD

Marva Allen is an amazing writer and highly gifted writing instructor.  It was in her writing workshop that my book, Fulfilled, was born.  I've always loved to write and decided to attend Marva's 4-hour workshop at the Academi of Life several years ago simply because it sounded like fun.  During the workshop, Marva masterfully guided us in a number of creative writing exercises on various topics.  We then had the opportunity to share our writing with the other participants.

Incredible Support System

Anna Y

One of the programs I did at The Academi of Life was a writing workshop with Marva Allen. She was an incredible source of support and inspiration to me. After that workshop, she helped me write my book proposal, get a literary agent and obtain a wonderful book deal from Hachette Publishing. Were it not for The Academi of Life and the amazing Marva Allen, this book may never have been written So thank you for everything