Do you remember the first time you read a book that opened a window into a new world? Has an idea for your own novel been rattling around in your head for years? Have you written segments, or even a whole book, but feel uncertain about its value? Do you believe someone else is responsible for marketing your book?

If you’ve received a “tap on the shoulder” to become an author, let’s honor that impulse by getting real about writing, publishing and marketing.

Fiction Factors - Create and Launch Your Novel takes you through six separate power-point presentations, each of which is designed to create a breakthrough in critical aspects of your author-life and writing skills, and integrates your author and marketing goals: Author Declaration. Blueprint Premise & Theme. Character Arcs. Narrative Voice & Structure. Dialogue & Sub-Text. Core Messaging.

What You Will Get from This Course

An overview of the authoring and publishing process; a deep-dive into the structuring and writing of a work of fiction; a method for determining key elements of your genre and your future readers; a profound connection to your unique message.

Why This Workshop Matters

With the advent of the “DIY” world, standards for everything from grammar to spelling, and from layout to branding have tended to slip and slide. Yet readers are smarter than we might think. They know a good book when they see and read it. What difference do books make in our world? Each one of them opens the reader to a new world, and represents the possibility of inspiration, uplift, and transformation. These are the foundational steps to progress for everyone in your community, your country, your world. By creating an excellent book, you’ll contribute to this progress while building your own legacy.

Required Materials

  • Access to Zoom with audio and video operativ

  • Paper & pen, assortment of colored post-it notes

  • Quiet environment

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    I. Getting Acquainted & Author Declaration

    • Getting Acquainted & Author Declaration

  • 2

    II. Theme and Premise

    • Theme and Premise

  • 3

    III. Character Creation and Character Arcs

    • Character Creation and Character Arcs

  • 4

    IV. Narration & Structure Using the Five Senses

    • Narration & Structure Using the Five Senses

  • 5

    V. Dialogue & Sub-Text

    • Dialogue & Sub-Text

  • 6

    VI. Core Elements

    • Core Elements

  • 7

    VII. Next Steps

    • Next Steps

  • 8

    VIII. Q&A

    • Q&A

Meet Your Course Instructor


Mara Purl

Mara Purl is a best-selling author of the well-known Milford-Haven Novels, based on her hit BBC radio drama Milford-Haven U.S.A. Her books have appeared on best-seller lists in the Women’s Fiction, mystery and paranormal genres, and have won more than sixty book awards. She has been consulting for other authors for fifteen years through her company Haven Books. She is a founding board member of the Colorado Authors Hall of Fame, the Aspiring Authors Scholarship program, and the Author U organization. She’s former president of Colorado Independent Publishers Association, and served on the boards of California Literary Arts Society. She’s a frequent presenter at the Sisters In Crime annual conference and for SLO NightWriters, both in San Luis Obispo, California. She’s a member of the Publishing at Sea Faculty. Mara also co-wrote the best-selling Y.A. book Mystery Sleigh Ride, and co-wrote the non-fiction book Act Right.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the cost?


  • How long is the workshop?

    Four hours, plus Q&A

  • Are there any breaks?

    There will be short breaks between each segment.

  • What is the date?

    September 17th, 2022

  • Is writing experience necessary?

    Your commitment is more important than any previous experience. Whatever your level, you will be receiving dynamic new information that will ensure your progress.

  • What are the course components?

    Lectures with PowerPoint presentations, specific interactive exercises, clear graphics and fresh approaches to the subject.

  • Is there an age requirement?

    Attendees must be 20 and older.

  • What happens if I sign up for the workshop and cannot attend?

    You’ll receive a certificate for a future workshop. Students may reschedule one time.

  • Follow-up

    All attendees will be able to schedule one 15-minute coaching session with instructor Mara Purl.